Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've moved!

i may return to this blog every now and then, but i'm starting a new adventure at wordpress. Please follow me there, faithful readers.


see you there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wearing kate('s dress)

i am torn.

the moment kate middleton stepped out of the rolls-royce on her wedding day, thousands of designers scrambled to their sketchbooks and began jostling each other for the first knockoffs. this is the david's bridal version. they've copied everything from the tiara to the pleats on the back of the gown, and they're selling this dress for $1000.

on one side, i thought kate, err, the duchess of cambridge, chose one of the most beautiful wedding dresses i have ever seen. the design was quintessentially her - deceptively simple, with a twist that made it unique and definitely not boring. i can see how anyone would want to wear this dress, and of course designers, especially less expensive bridal stores, are going to copy it. bonus that the dress has sleeves - between this dress and ivanka trump's, i really do hope non-strapless dresses actually start making a comeback.

but on the other side, do you really want to dress up as someone else for your wedding? yes, it's a beautiful dress. but the royal wedding just happened. like, a minute ago. i realize Royal Baby Watch started the moment they kissed on the balcony, but they really haven't been married that long. this dress is still very fresh in everyone's mind, and so everyone is going to be comparing you - on the one day of your life when you're should be the most beautiful - to her.

kate had a hair stylist and sarah burton to help her get ready. Sarah Freaking Burton.

also, her dress cost 250,000 pounds. that's about $406,000. there is no way a $400,000 gown going to translate to a $1000 dress.

however - i love the soft silk veil, long lace sleeves and lily-of-the-valley bouquet. definitely steal those ideas.