Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wishful wednesday: the kindle

apparently the boy was going to get me one of these last year, but it didn't pan out. heartbreak! i never thought i'd actually say i want one, but i am an avid, voracious reader, destroying books like a hyena rips apart a dead zebra - though perhaps without the blood. i am not one who can savor a book, much like i cannot savor a dessert - i must eat it all now, in one bite preferably. i'm usually tired most mornings because i stayed up too late reading the night before. and the idea of having nearly every book at my fingertips, 60 seconds away from reading, in one device i can carry with me...it's more than tempting. i think i'm going to take the bait.

and this from the girl who enjoys the smell of books. seriously, i'll lean into my book and smell the pages. i love that first crack of a brand new book that has never been opened and will even buy the book buried in the shelf just so i can be the first one to open it. all that love, and i still think i want a kindle - if only because i'm running out of room for all my romance novels.

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