Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the glorious pile of crazy that is the met ball

there are a few things you can count on in may: your tax return (though where the hell is mine?) and the craziness that is the met ball - specifically the gowns some of the celebrities wear. i thought they were wacky, though mostly in a good way, this year. and call me crazy, but i LOVE what gwen is wearing:

i should mention it's her own design, which makes it even more awesome sauce. i love the black with the draping around it, the simple hair, the red lipstick, the hot man candy. gorg.

and damn if i'm not so excited for vera wang's line for david's bridal. especially after seeing mila kunis in this dress.

wonder what my mom would say if i wore THAT down the aisle. HA. worth it.

pics via style

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