Wednesday, October 20, 2010

in the car, holding hands, laughing

we're having movie night tonight.

we don't do movies much anymore, at least at the theater. i'd like to say it's because they're expensive but honestly i'm kind of a homebody, and also lazy. but movie night is fun, especially since we got the (hand-me-down used flood-rescued) big screen from my brother. i haven't been on the comfy couch in forever now that it got sucked into the man cave. it's kind of his zone, like mine is me knitting something or reading on my kindle, wherever i might be sprawled out.

life is hard. and busy. even though we only (ha) have two dogs and a cat, we're still busy. i still get home some nights so tired my eyes hurt, so cranky i'm yelling at melissa block on "all things considered," even though she has the sweetest, most non-anger-inducing voice. i was talking about relationships with a friend a few weeks ago, and i said something that i think made me pause all my baby fantasies.

"it's not going to get any easier. it's just going to get more stressful."

crap, it is. in fact the past few times we've planned a movie night, i've said let's do something else, even though we both knew that something else was me zoning out on youtube and him playing wow. i needed to zone out. i had had a long day.

it's ok if tonight's movie night doesn't happen. right now i'm thinking it will and planning for our mini date at home. it's funny that the little things cheer me up now: the laughter, the walks with the dogs, the car rides to and from work, hearing about his day, smiling, excited for tomorrow.

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