Tuesday, December 21, 2010

out with the one-shoulder corsage. in with the gray.

it's only been popular for now two seasons, but i'm already kind of over the random-giant-corsage/pageant-sash-one-shoulder wedding dress look. i think it's the puffy sleeves of this decade - all my friends' daughters will look at their mom's dresses in 20 years and scream, "you WORE a one-shoulder dress?!" bring something else back! where are the illusion-lace-short-sleeved dresses, à la ivanka trump? that's a classic look i can get behind.

dress by morilee, 2011 collection

yeah, i do think it's trendy, and yeah, like the mermaid wedding dress, i do think it will be around for a while. but i do not endorse it, yo.

dress by elie saab, fall 2010 couture

what i will get behind is the gray wedding dress. ever since i read katy perry wore a gray elie saab (pretty sure it's the one above. i am obsessed. don't you just LOVE it?), i am dying to see this color in more stores. it fits in with the vintage laces and old-hollywood styles in stores already. if brides can do champagne, they can do gray.

dress by vera wang bridal, spring 2011

apparently kp isn't the first hollywood-bride-in-gray. supermodel natalia vodianova wore a gray gown by tom ford for her russian wedding in september 2002.


  1. I tried on a grey wedding dress and considered buying it because A. I love grey and B. It was cheap because no one else would buy it! I totally support non-white wedding gowns.

  2. Where did you find it at? I think it's soooo chic!


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