Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a-hem...house stuff

this house thing is incredibly frustrating. if i wasn't so stubborn that i'm right (that now is a good time to buy), i would give up. so far i've seen 26 houses. of those, we've liked several and have even offered on one (we didn't get it, obviously). of those 26, we probably liked about 7-8 - and every damn one has sold or had an offer almost instantly after we liked it. it's the most frustrating fucking thing ever. i fall in love, only to have my house-y dreams trampled on by too high a counter-offer or too much competition. where's the crappy housing market, people? this is bullshit!

my realtor just sent me another list of houses and most of them are crap. i am not living in certain areas or using well water as my sewage system for crissakes. but we'll probably go see three more tonight...which means (only if i love any of them), they'll be gone by tomorrow. so if you need to sell your home, please have me come look at it. works like a fucking charm.


  1. For what it's worth, when we lived outside of Boston, our house was on 100% well water and well, it was fabulous! No water bill, no water restrictions and we never had a problem.

    Best wishes in your hunt. It's not an easy one!

  2. oops... that was me. I forgot to sign out of a common account that I have for business purposes. I hope Shannon doesn't mind, but the well was mine! :D

  3. Why thank you for the comment!!! i think it's the first one for me!! :) i guess i have visions of putting a bucked down a long, long hole and pulling it out again in order to take a shower every morning...probably not what they do nowadays, huh?


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