Thursday, July 2, 2009

house hunting part dva

after seeing my 27th house two days ago - and not being completely in love with the fact that we would have to expand it + add a new garage - i've officially decided that i am done rushing this process.

that doesn't mean i'm not going to continue to look at houses. but i'm not going to put an offer down on one that i don't have that feeling about. you know, that fluttery, this-is-right feeling? that feeling where instinctively i know it's the way to go. i haven't had that yet about houses - not even about the one we did put an offer on (and it wasn't an instantaneous love - more a definitely like that could grow into love over time.

i realize this is a slightly fucked-up way to look at homes. but i'm ok with that. if i'm going to go $140,000 in debt, i may as well be in love with the place that will own my soul.

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