Friday, July 3, 2009

i'm having a bad foot day

woke up at five in the morning to my dog licking my face (sometimes he decides he doesn't want to sleep in, sometimes he snores right along with me) and a throbbing foot. a swollen ankle from training for a marathon, you ask? a sore ligament from all the fab exercising you do? no - i have a fucking ingrown toenail. that woke me up. at FIVE IN THE MORNING. and i couldn't get back to sleep. never mind i had to hobble like an invalid as i took the dog out, and then hobble away three blocks into work. did i mention that tomorrow is Independence Day here in the US? so literally no one is working? we are the only company in my building here - and my building has something like 30 floors. i left my apartment way late this morning and it only took me 15 minutes to get into work - as opposed to the usual 45 because no one else is working today. even starbucks is closed. starbucks never closes!!

no matter. my stupid toe may be causing me to walk like a 95-year-old and i may be getting a blister now (on the same foot) because of my stupid shoes (both pairs!!!). the rumor is that we get off early today - maybe at one!!! i have a job, i love my job and yes, it's sucky that we are one of the only companies that doesn't get a day off for 4th of july. i will be enjoying my extra long christmas break when everyone else has to go back to work early. i hope.

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