Tuesday, July 7, 2009

just send me to france

every july it happens. i start to feel antsy and can't concentrate. weekend mornings are spent glued to the tv for three hours. work days are worst - i search the web for live results, preferably with phil & paul, and if i can't find them, i eschew all news - until i inevitably break down or accidentally see the results. i am so not a sports person, but there is one event that i hold near and dear to my heart: le Tour de France, the premier bike race in the world, one of the three grande Tours and absolutely the hardest, most amazing sporting event ever. i can't help it; i'm obssessed, to the point where i seriously think about blowing off major meetings in favor of tuning into the live results. i have been depressed all day because i missed the team time trial due to meetings, and then can't even watch the results tonight - so i looked and found out who won. (he's so close!!!) because america is what it is and the majority of us would rather see beefed-up guys in layers and layers of pads run into each other, i really don't have anyone to talk to about my love of cycling, except for my dad, who started me on this obsession anyway. he's actually a cyclist himself. i wished i had a sport that i enjoyed that much. i've thought about taking up cycling, but bikes are expensive and spandex can be so unforgiving.

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