Friday, October 16, 2009


so i went and joined this website with these crazy people who think they can write a novel in a month. it's a movement called nanowrimo - national novel writing month. i've been so lax on my writing, it's disgusting. how do i expect to get published one day if i don't even bother to write anything? (or if what i write is total crap because i haven't been writing?) writing, like anything else, takes practice. writing a story, novel, poem, whatever, then forgetting about it for a week, is usually the best way to improve your writing. but you have to keep writing other things while you forget about what you already wrote, then go back and improve what you originally wrote as you're forgetting about the stuff you already wrote. it's confusing, but this is one of the best self-editing tools for me and the only way i can be objective about my stuff.

and nothing like a little pressure than joining an online group of thousands of people around the world, all of whom are churning out novels that have to be 50,000 words or more in 30 days. crazy, right? but it's going to be fun. and maybe just the kick in the ass i need.

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