Friday, November 27, 2009

stop worrying and enjoy your life

so i'm a hoosier, living in a state dominated by big trucks, country music, guns - and churches. they're everywhere, on every corner. if it's not a church, it's a billboard with some bible verse on it. i'm surrounded by it, this notion that there's one idea, one way of life, and anything else isn't just wrong - it's evil. when something gets shoved down your throat, it's no wonder you vomit it up and refuse to eat it again.

i am not condemned, in trouble, evil, bad, second-rate or any other negative adjective because i don't pray or go to church. it is a personal decision based on a personal belief to have god or jesus or allah or zeus or whoever in one's life. i have thoughts on organized religion that i won't go into here (see the movie "religulous" and you'll understand how i feel), but to lecture someone on why what she believes is the wrong of life is offensive to me.

there was a bus campaign done in london by an atheist group that used a motto to sum it up better than i can: there probably is no god. so stop worrying and enjoy your life.

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