Thursday, March 17, 2011

makeup review: maybelline lip stain

i can't tell you how many times i've spent pacing the makeup aisles at target, wondering which lip stick, lip gloss, nail polish or eye shadow i should buy. discovering a new favorite is like finding gold - once i find something i love that works, i'll pay whatever it costs for it. i'm partial to sephora, but that doesn't mean i don't love a great deal. sadly, i'm finding less and less quality among the cheaper products. you get what you pay for - most of the time.

i've been wanting to try a lip stain for a while now. i love the idea of it - lips just stained, as if i've been eating strawberries. no gloss, no shine, just simple natural-looking matte color.

i picked up maybelline's color sensational lip stain in cranberry crush at target for about $6.50. i haven't had a lot of luck with maybelline products and usually go for revlon or l'oreal. unfortunately, my bad luck continued with this lip stain.

the pros: beautiful color (very flattering berry-red), matte finish, and it really did look like i had just drank some kool-aid.

the cons: stayed on for all of five minutes before it started flaking off, too expensive for a drug-store product to not last longer, can't go with any other glosses because it flakes off then too.

my verdict: i'm still searching for the perfect lip stain. this is not it.

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