Tuesday, August 18, 2009

health care

listen, i've tried to stay silent about this. i really have. not because i don't have an opinion, but because i don't want to make this blog my political soapbox. at least not all the time. but seriously, this whole argument is fucked in the head.

here's what i know: fear is a powerful, powerful tool, and people are prone to it. taxes suck, and we hate to pay them. sometimes we're lazy, and we don't know the facts, so we let someone else research for us. i know i'm guilty of all these things. but i just can't shake the notion that something has got to change. obama isn't killing grandma. she's going to die anyway because her prescriptions are too expensive and she can't afford the surgery she needs.

and as for these "grassroots" protests organized by average, middle-class americans (usually supposedly from my neck of the woods) - i can't say it better than rachel maddow:

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