Tuesday, September 8, 2009

no more indy

my shoulders feel so much lighter now that i am finally out of my apartment. it took many trips back up to the north side, but thanks in a HUGE part to my dad, brother and mom, i'm out. finally. FINALLY. i loved my apartment, my first home that i paid for and organized and was responsible for. but i am so, so happy to be done with it. it's such a hike, and i was sick of the traffic and the driving and the everything. i was done, ready to move on, which is the perfect place to be in when it's actually time to move on. there was no sentiment, unusual for me, as i left, mostly because the things that had made the apartment mine - my stuff - was gone. it was just an empty living space with a few more nicks on the walls and stains on the carpet (thanks hamlet). now my mom's house is literally overflowing with my stuff in boxes and bags and thrown everywhere. i need to get to my own place pronto. i can't wait.

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