Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i will get these shoes for fall

shoe boots, nine west

shoe boots are gloriously amazing in that almost-too-trendy kind of way. these i really love, particularly with the soft fold on the front - like they're heels you snuggle up in (and by snuggling, i of course mean wear with tights and a lbd).

fringe boots, minnetonka for j. crew

i have been lusting for fringe minnetonkas ever since i was a nine-year-old vacationing in petosky, michigan, and picked out a pair that my mom immediately denied me. lesson #1: unless it's a. too expensive or b. too impractical, i will never deny my children their right to fashion. lesson #2: now that i'm my own independent person, i will immediately buy myself these and enjoy the hell out of them. can't you just see these paired with leggings and a long sweater on a cool-ish october saturday? almost makes me miss college.

perfect leopard pump, ann taylor

my third must-have pair of shoes is from ann taylor - a leopard print version of their perfect pumps, which are perfect. i have a pair of in black. i had to run six blocks in chicago on michigan avenue, practically knocking over christmas shoppers to get them, never mind the swine flu i came down with later, but they are WORTH IT. srsly.

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