Friday, August 6, 2010

kindle my heart

yep, i already ordered one.

i was going to post this long review of the kindle, since i went back and forth over whether to get one for so long. then amazon went and surprised everyone (ok, well, just me) by coming out with a third-generation kindle well before the expected fall 2010 announcement.

kindle 3, as it's unofficially been dubbed by the techie media, has double the battery life (at least one month without wireless on), double the storage (4g) and turns pages 20% faster than kindle 2. since i ordered my kindle within the 30-day time frame for returns, i quickly shipped it back and ordered a new kindle. sadly, amazon isn't shipping kindle 3 until the end of august - and apparently a wait list has already formed because of so many orders.

sigh. i miss my kindle already. hopefully kindle 3 will be worth it - and from what i've read of the scant reviews, this will be the case.

i'll post a full review after i've had it for a few weeks, with comparisons to kindle 2. in the meantime i'm revisiting my "real" books and adding new titles to my wish list on amazon. one can never have too many books to read.

oh, and if you don't know where the title of this post came from, you've probably never seen the classic 1995 version of "a little princess." one of the most beautiful movies ever made, featuring one of the most beautiful soundtracks - including the theme song. listen to it here.

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