Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the big d

it was a quiet summer - only one wedding, compared to last year's four (three of which i was in). next summer is already scheduled to be busier - my brother is getting married in may. we've never really talked about his future marriage and what it means for him when our parents are married. but apparently the chances of his marriage failing are 50% higher because he comes from a divorced home, according to this story on cnn today.

it gets worse for me and t. since we're both from divorced families, our chances of failing in marriage are 200% ahead of everyone else. what the fuck? i feel doomed. 200% is kind of off-the-charts bad, like slim to none but without the slim.

200 fucking percent?

i know i'm taking a stat from one study, but it makes some sense to me. divorce, to put it mildly, fucks one up. not just the persons getting divorced, but the friends, the parent's parents and especially the kids. not to wave my own self-pity flag or anything; that's the truth. marriage is serious. at least i come out of surviving my parents' divorce realizing that. i'm waiting until the time is right, and i'm trying not to let my emotions get ahead of me.

divorce - like overalls and jeggings - just isn't an option for me.

photo via isleptinyourheart

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