Thursday, September 16, 2010

a plea for fun underwear

disclaimer: i have big boobs. i say this only to point out that i cannot simply go and buy whatever. good support is as important in a bra as it is in a friend, and that goes unsaid for me. a quality bra is essential. underline, exclamation point, extra bold. i don't go cheap on my bras, because i believe you get what you pay for, and i refuse to pay for something that i have to wear all day that's uncomfortable, which is what most cheap bras end up being for me.

plus most big-box stores that sell cheap bras don't believe girls with big boobs wear them. or at least that's the impression i get when i can't find my size again and again and again.

so i have to wear underwear. so do you. it's an essential in life, like water and chocolate. and i am of the mind that if you have to eat chocolate, you may as well eat good chocolate. the same goes for underwear. you have to wear it - so why stick with boring white?

it's not about who will see it - because no one but you (and maybe your partner) will. it's about life being short and having fun and trying something different and rebelling even if it's something as small as buying a red bra.

and if i had to recommend a brand, it's of course victoria's secret. they know what they're doing. my favorite? body by victoria full coverage. i'm kind of obsessed (especially with their new invisible lace option! ok, so i went a little crazy when i saw those.) p.s. i don't own a single white one.

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