Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the perfect non-neutral neutral lipstick

i'm not a big drugstore makeup buyer - for good reason. most of it is as cheap in quality as it is in price, and i'd rather pay more for a better product. HOWEVER, if i have, have, have to buy makeup at walmart, i go for l'oreal or revlon every time. more expensive than cover girl (or zeus forbid, her evil stepsister maybelline), but there is a correlation between price and quality with makeup.
one of those exceptions is my new favorite lipstick, in a neutral-but-not-quite-neutral color. revlon colorburst lipstick in peach is a fabulously flattering shade that compliments every skin tone - perfect when you need just that little bit of color. the light melon shade will bring out the pinks in your cheeks and is so suited for summer - though i'll be using this lippy for a long time.

orange lips are popping up on red carpets everywhere, but this look can be really hard to pull off. major props (do people still say props?) to emma watson, who paired her bright orange lips with a neon chartreuse dress at the after-party for the mtv movie awards - and looked a-mah-zing.

the peach lip is a way to stay on trend and still remain neutral. at $9, revlon colorburst lipstick definitely on the high end for drugstore makeup, but this is one color i'm going to be wearing for a while.

credit to bubz for pointing this out to me in her bridal look video.

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  1. I used to wear a peachy color, but I dunno anymore. I don't think it suits my coloring. That said, I really like this one. :)


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