Saturday, June 4, 2011

makeup review: buxom lip plumper

i confess: i'm a sucker for lip gloss. and lip stick, and lip stains. pretty much any makeup. it's hard to go grocery shopping without picking up something.

in the lippy area, i tend towards glosses. my lips tend to be dry, so i gravitate towards products that i can actually feel on my lips. buxom lip plumpers come in a multitude of colors and instantly work the moment you put them on. my lips feel tingly and cool, and i especially love the color. i went with destiny, a peachy color that is super flattering, especially for summer. i ordered this product a few weeks ago, and just ordered a second tube because i've used it so much. at $18, buxom lip plumpers are on the low end of sephora's price scale, making them even more worth it.

bottom line: two out of two lips plumped to perfection, yummy taste and smell and perfect color. i am now obsessed!

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