Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nyfw: review (cynthia steffe fall '10 rtw)

i love it when i find a new designer with a fab line (see yesterday's entry about adam). cynthia steffe's collection was 70s mod girl meets prep school student: peter pan collars, plaid and knee socks, which are going on my must-have list for fall next year.

details, details: love the beret and the sheer panel. sassy without being too revealing.

i love ponchos!

my favorite outfit of the line. this just screams sexy to me. it's all in the subtle details - from the sheer sleeves to the buttons on the dress that are reminiscint of a pea coat.

oversized collars were another trend i saw on a lot of collections. is it a scarf? part of the dress? who cares - i'd love to wrap myself in it once temps drop in october.

if i had to describe my style in one word, i would choose feminine. cynthia's line uses textures, accessories and most importantly interesting details to twist classic pieces that would otherwise border on boring. they're sexy because of what they don't reveal - and seriously, who can resist a good knee sock (or two)?

see cynthia steffe's entire fall 2010 ready-to-wear line here.

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