Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nyfw: review (oscar de la renta fall '10 rtw)

oh oscar de la renta. i say that name like some people say "ooohhhhmmm." while some lines have the illusion of everyday wear, oscar is all luxurious feminity, fifth avenue chic. he has pieces for all ages, as well as, i am sad to say, fur. fur is everywhere on the runway, and is the number one thing i abhor more than leggings as pants, more than size-00 models. fur is disgusting. but i digress to this fashion porn:

love the sheer part at the top! this is how to do sparkles and floral combined.

oh blue. my true love color.

this is actually my favorite. i love orange. everyone needs to have some orange in their wardrobe. it's the hardest color to wear that's really not that hard. match with pink for extra points.

every one of oscar's creations look like they belong on a red carpet or a manhattanite queen. most of this line would definitely fit on women ages 50 and up, and minus the fur, it was one of my favorites. oscar's like peyton manning - he scores every time.

see oscar de la renta's entire fall 2010 ready-to-wear line here.

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