Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 reasons why i would make a bad (british) princess

1. i cuss a lot. if you read this blog, you'll agree.
2. curtsying is stupid.
3. i'm (ex) catholic. apparently there's some process to become an official ex-catholic, but i think that's ridiculous and refuse to do that, therefore my poor husband would have to give up his rights to the throne. and i just couldn't have that.
4. the milk in england was bad. not bad bad, as in spoiled, just bad as in it didn't taste like the milk i'm used to.
5. my accent. not the prettiest.
6. have i mentioned how stupid curtsying is?
7. if i'm feeling a certain way, you will know it. i don't have a poker face.
8. i really, really like where i live.
9. same goes for work.
10. do they have target in england? no? then forget it.

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