Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yes i have big boobs. apparently victoria's secret doesn't like them.

on any normal day, i embrace my boobs. they're actually my favorite body part. so when i end up feeling bad about my favorite part of my body, i get pissed. enter my favorite bra/underwear/lingerie store, victoria's secret. after years of not finding lingerie in my size or having to buy the bikinis that are dowdy because i have a big chest, i'm sick of it. i ordered a really cute bikini this week, it didn't fit because victoria's lied about their sizes online, and i'm pissed off. so i just wrote them this email. it will probably come to nothing, but at least i feel better - big boobs and all.

I recently ordered the Beach Sexy Liya halter bikini top and matching bottoms. After consulting the size chart, which told me my size, 38D equaled a L, I ordered that size. Ha. Perhaps if I was auditioning for Playboy. I might as well have been wearing two eye patches over my breasts. The top was no where close to fitting. I tried to see if there was an XL available, or if I had read the size chart wrong. Again, no - a size L somehow equaled a 38D. It makes me question whether your swimwear designers have actually seen 38D boobs. I find it so disheartening that an underwear company caters mostly to women with smaller chests. Your PINK line, your Sexy Little Things line, and now some of your cutest bikinis - immediately off-limits to us girls who have bigger boobs. I might understand if you were more of a general apparel company - but your forte is bras. You have NO excuse not to offer everything in every size. When I try to buy cute lingerie in your store, I end up feeling depressed about my body - even though I'm a normal size. I'll be returning the Liya bikini, thanks to your ridiculous size chart, and I can't help but feel like crap when I shouldn't have to. Thanks for nothing. And have fun cutting up my unused bikini - yes, I read that story on MSNBC. What a ridiculous, wasteful policy.

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