Monday, April 25, 2011

rock the casbah

j. crew dropped prices on a few more sale items over the weekend, and i couldn't resist two sweaters i've been eying - this classic wrap everly cardigan (that reminds me of something kate middleton wore a few years ago - bonus!) and the merino confetti sweater that i've watched since it debuted at a whooping $148 and finally went on sale last week.

and now the waiting begins for the other pieces i'm oogling. spring colors are usually pretty muted until april at j. crew - i'm so glad we're over that hump of grays and pale lilacs and barely-yellows and on to the fun bright summer prints they're known for. i'm obsessing about one in particular - anything and everything in their bright green casbah print:

look at the colors! i'm practically squealing. perfect with jeans as shown, or dressed up with a pencil skirt.

love. love love love. this would go great with tanks or a blouse. fancy scarves like this one are perfect to dress up a tee for work.

the blouse sells for $88; the scarf is priced at $55. both are out of my price range right now, and i predict the blouse will sell out before it goes on sale, but i'm holding on hope for the scarf.

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