Tuesday, January 25, 2011

damn you, tiny bedroom

as i try to distract myself from the fact that my roots are in desperate need of a touch up and my hair appointment is still a day away, i'll ponder the other obsession in my life: new furniture for my house. i love my house. love it. i love the archways, the built-ins, the tiny kitchen nook and most of all the wonderful warm feeling it gives me at night when i go to sleep.

but what i don't like are the tiny, tiny bedrooms.

it's a sacrifice you have to make peace with if you want a 1940s starter home. the rooms are small. deal.

never mind the fact that i have ONE CLOSET. that is bad enough.

they don't make houses like mine anymore. everyone has more bathrooms than they do bedrooms (srsly, what's up with that?), massive amounts of counter space, and vaulted-ceiling bedrooms. so most of the furniture being made doesn't fit with my bedroom size either. i'm still jamming my undies and sweats into the same tower dresser i used when i was 10. the night stand is literally breaking with the weight of clothes. knobs have fallen off, the bottoms of the drawers are caving in. do i have too much clothing? never. but i do need new furniture that doesn't cost as much as a mortgage payment.

i should mention that i'm an obsessive cheapskate when it comes to thinks that i actually need. t and i have been surviving on a box spring made for a full mattress (when we have a queen) and propping up the broken frame with 2x4s. that's how we roll.

anyone have any luck with furniture that will fit in tiny bedrooms?

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