Thursday, January 13, 2011

music diversion: mumford & sons

i went to a wedding in august and got into a slightly wine-induced argument with an old friend about one of my favorite bands, sigur rós, and their penchant for singing songs in a made-up language. he couldn't get over this idea and after listening to a link i sent him, grudgingly said they "weren't as bad as i thought they would be." yeah, whatevs. then of course he had to throw in a band of his own for me to sample. the song was "little lion man" by mumford & sons.

this isn't a new band or even a very unknown one - several of their songs from their first cd "sigh no more" have been featured on popular shows (including one of my favorites, "grey's anatomy"). it took me five months to download the entire album, and it's probably one of my favorite cds - ever. it's easy to listen to, but emotional and engaging, the lyrics personal and beautifully written. one of my favorite lines comes from "winter winds": "and if your strife strikes at your sleep/remember spring swaps snow for leaves." i love the soft piano, trumpets, sweeping melodies and loud crescendos of their songs.

it helps they're british. come on, an accent never hurt.

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