Sunday, January 16, 2011

the other big royal wedding

with all the fuss about kate and will's upcoming wedding, we royal fans can easily forget that there's another important nuptial coming up this year - the wedding of prince albert of monaco to charlene wittstock.

i doubt there would be much of a fuss made, except prince albert's mother is of course the late princess grace, aka grace kelly, a fashion icon and legendary actress. while albert didn't inherit his mother's good looks (i'm sorry, it's true!), he will inherit monaco, a principality that is home to the richest of the rich in europe. basically it's a spec on the map with millions of millionaires.

anyway, charlene, who is south african, will become the princess of monaco and will bring back some of her late-mother-in-law's glamor, if their engagement photo is any indication. things haven't always been easy for albert - his sisters are a bit wild, and there's the whole two illegitimate children he fathered with two different women, but charlene seems to be very down-to-earth and poised. did i mention she's 20 years his junior?

their wedding will be on july 1, and i can't wait to see how shocking her dress is compared to kate's. remember - kate wore a long-sleeved dress to her engagement photocall (with a low cut, but still). charlene goes for a backless halter. here's hoping for the first royal sleeveless dress!

update: it's armani for charlene's dress!

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