Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what's worse than a tiny bedroom? a tiny bathroom

especially when you are like me and can't go into sephora or target without getting ONE MORE LIP GLOSS because maybe this lip gloss will be the magic lip gloss that will solve all your lip-related problems. that sounded like it could be possibly misinterpreted.

my bathroom really is tiny, though. including the shower, it's 7' x 5.5' or so. small. way too small for me, a person who swoons at public restrooms and their enormity of counter space.

here's looking into the bathroom from the doorway. no, we don't have a blue wall - that's just the camera flash.

here's the other side. ugh, that toilet seat cover makes my eyes bleed.

i now have to time doing my hair and makeup around t, because we both can't fit in our bathroom. redoing it wouldn't change the size issue, but it would update the 80s fake wood vanity. thank god.

any ideas?


  1. No ideas on how to fix it, but I had a bathroom like that when I was an undergraduate. Three women, one tiny bathroom. I feel your pain.

  2. Eww! Sounds awful! I had that in grad school. It wasn't pleasant, but we dealt. When we end up redoing it (I almost typed if, but I'm going to be positive), I'll post pics!


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