Monday, January 17, 2011

fashion review: golden globes 2011

the golden globes mark the first pre-oscars awards show of the 2011 season, and celebs did not disappoint. the outfits usually verge on this side of crazy for the globes, then go back down to "safe and simple" for the sags, then go back up to Crazy with a capital c for the oscars, but i thought there were a lot more high notes than usual. stars seem to be embracing color (yes!) and going for modern, fitted looks as opposed to volume - and the ones that did go for volume (talkin' to you, czj) are the ones who can pull it off. i was pleasantly impressed.

trends include hunter green and its various variations, sleeves (thank god) and way-out-there hair. like i just dunked my head in hair spray and then stood in a wind tunnel.

olivia wilde in marchesa

gorgeous gown - i love brown instead of black. but the hair has to go. can you imagine how much better this would have been pulled back? even despite the hair, i still love it.

elisabeth moss in donna karan

improved by about 200% - it's a modern, elegant look, and the earrings are fab.

amy adams in marchesa

this time last year she was pregnant and getting custom gowns straight from carolina herrera, and i thought she unfortunately looked dowdy thanks to bad hairdos that aged her 20 years. but this is young and fresh (the laser cuts are so in right now, and i love them), and the color is a can't-go-wrong choice. bonus for not wearing a necklace - let that gorgeous detailed top shine!

natalie portman in viktor & rolf

this dress is getting mixed reviews - ok, bad reviews, and i can see why. but i like it for three reasons: 1. she's showing the bump! 2. her makeup and accessories are perfection. lipstick is surprisingly hard to pull off. 3. the color gives her a gorgeous glow and softens her. let's face it, girlfriend is nominated for a movie in which she hallucinates killing people and growing feathers. she needs to combat that with a lovely, soft dress.

and as she won last night, i think this cements the oscar for her. i have no doubt she'll step it up for that awards show - i'm thinking platinum, fitted, modern, tons of sparkle. maybe armani. hey, she can only go up from here!

all photos courtesy of @tomandlorenzo

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