Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's in my purse

i saw this on another blog and thought it was an interesting idea. besides old receipts, grocery lists, target lists, expired coupons and kleenex, i keep a lot in my purse. i feel naked without it - except at work. i hate having more than one bag at work, so i only carry my computer bag (that is full to the brim with everything i may need that day).

but on a normal day, my purse contains a medley of goodies*:
  • c.o. bigelow lip balm in sheer rose
  • nars lipstick in funny face
  • yves saint laurent radiant touch in luminous ivory
  • larabee dot stacy kate spade purple wallet
  • giant brown sunglasses from target
  • vera bradley hard sunglasses case
  • l'oreal pressed powder foundation
  • moleskine pink notepad
  • l'occitaine hand lotion
  • a granola bar
  • orbitz gum
  • keys
  • iphone
purse: could be one of three favorites - black coach, taupe big buddha arlene slouch bag, or my personal favorite, my beloved louis vuitton speedy.

and yes, i have a makeup problem. or is it a sephora problem?

it's amazing when i take it all out how much crap is in there. every now and then I bother to go through my purse and actually throw some of the crap away.

what's in your purse?

*dog not included


  1. Good lord, woman! I tend to not carry a purse! :) When I do there is usually tissue, keys, and my pink paisley Mickey wallet. Oh, and now my Nook.

  2. Hahaha! I know - it's insane! But it's a big purse! I have to fill it with stuff, right? Right?! :)


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